Collection: Ron Finley

Ron Finley is an artist, designer, community-builder, and the Gangsta Gardener teaching people the power of growing your own food and gardening as an act of defiance. He is fierce, kind and uncompromising, and it’s those qualities that have made him so successful at changing culture.

For the Contributor Collection, Ron’s designed wardrobe staples that are comfortable and casual. Each piece has its own practical purpose and ergonomic details. "If you operate from a place of comfort, everything is going to be beautiful," he says. His Uprising Hoodie and Freedom Pant go alongside two 100% Recycled Cotton Trash Tees, a Necessities Tote and a Garden Bandana that feature positive affirmations and artwork created by his son, Kohshin. 

As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Ron will receive 10% of the sales of his Freedom Pant and Uprising Hoodie, which are going to his non-profit The Ron Finley Project, and EVERYBODY.WORLD will be matching his donation. To help them grow in more communities, 100% of proceeds will be donated from all other pieces in his collection.

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