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Jerico (she/they) is an author, tarot reader, and spiritual coach. She's a thoughtful, creative, queer, first-generation Australian who’s found strength through magic. AND the fiancé of fellow contributor, Ariel Katz!

Jerico’s idea for EVERYBODY.WORLD was Apartment Pants that you can confidently leave the house in. In true prescient Scorpio form, Jerico designed these dream pants long before we knew just how much time we’d all be spending in our apartments. 

Recently, Jerico released her debut book Neo Tarot: A fresh approach to self-care, healing & empowerment, which reframes old world mysticism for a modern audience of fellow queers, witches, and queer witches. It’s complete with intuitive wisdom and self-care tips to help you not only survive but thrive. The best-selling Daily Oracle: Seek Answers from Your Higher Self is her second book. Designed to be opened at random onto one page every day, it offers its readers refreshing insight and guidance on how to navigate all and any of life's curveballs. 

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