Beach Towel by Braulio Amado


Soft, squishy, supersize cotton towel with two custom patches and an unmissable pink hang loop. 

Designed using scraps of fabrics leftover from our Recycled Cotton Bucket Hat and Totes, which he made into a life-size collage then digitized.

The "Bráulio Towelio" is made in USA.  

-96% Cotton, 4% Polyester
-Made in USA
-Sheared finish
-Cotton webbing handle/hang loop

-Wash with like colors

Measures 34'' x 70''

Bráulio Amado is a graphic designer and illustrator from Portugal, currently living in New York City.
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Cotton Beach Towel

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Created in collaboration with Braulio Armado, featuring two custom patches and a pink handle-slash-hang loop.

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The 'Braulio Towelio' started as a life-size collage using scraps of Recycled Cotton fabric from our Bucket Hat and Totes, which we then digitized.

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The result is a soft, squishy towel that's generous enough for lounging around on, and ready to go with you to the pool or beach.