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Prakash Gokalchand is a spiritualist and chess enthusiast that EVERYBODY.WORLD met in MacArthur Park. Every day, he would sit near the lake playing his preferred centuries-old mind sport with classic, unassuming style.

With more than 60 years experience in exploring the depths of spirituality, Prakash believes that all the birds and trees and people and stars are all the same—and we need to find harmony. "All is one," he says. 

For EVERYBODY.WORLD, he first designed his preferred Button-Up Shirt and Sweatpants, both of which he had very specific ideas about. That meant sleeves that were able to roll easily and a front pocket at least four fingers wide, and for the Sweatpants they needed to be Grey with deep pockets. His latest design is a Half-Zip Pullover, featuring a collar design that can be worn zipped up or down. Each item is unisex, practical and unfussy.

Like all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Prakash receives 10% of the sales of his designs.

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