Collection: Mae Elvis Kaufman & Kalen Hollomon

Mae Elvis Kaufman and Kalen Hollomon are a couple of artists that are also a couple. In their work, they each explore perspectives on image and culture. While Kalen synthesizes the world around him in the form of collage and painting, Mae's character-driven self-portraits explore the transformational aspect of fashion. Both give us a glimpse of their inner wit, wisdom and insecurities.

Together, they first designed the one thing they were both in search of: the perfect coat. Mid-length and multi-seasonal, theirs features exactly nine thoughtful pockets.  Originally made from heavy 100% cotton, Mae & Kalen's comfortable and sturdy Griffin Mill Coat will be making a comeback in 2022 using our all-new Recycled Cotton Canvas

Their newest design is the JAS Mockneck Trash Tee (pronounced Jazz, named after Jerome “Jerry” Allen Seinfeld, who’s character on Seinfeld had a prolific number of mocknecks in his wardrobe). Made from a special heavyweight 100% Recycled Cotton, with a rib knit collar that shines on its own or as a layering piece. 

Like all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Mae & Kalen receive 10% of the sales of their designs.

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