Wash Wear




A NEW COLLECTION FROM self-taught artist, Mr. Wash, and streetwear designer Rick Klotz.


100% of the profits of WASH WEAR by EVERYBODY.WORLD go directly to Mr. Wash for his legal defense fund as he fights to clear his name after a wrongful conviction that resulted in 21 years behind bars.

  Photo: Sean Mattison

The collection features original artwork created and painted by Mr. Wash while incarcerated with a life sentence for a crime he did not commit.

  Emancipation Proclamation

Before his incarceration, Mr. Wash was a contractor and welder. During his time behind bars, he taught himself how to paint and created hundreds of hyper-realistic artworks, many of which were of and for his fellow inmates.


After 21 years in prison, Mr. Wash’s sentence was commuted by Barack Obama, but he still isn’t free.



Innocence matters. Your support allows Mr. Wash to petition for a second chance at life where he’s not only free from prison, but has the freedom to live his life.


I-D interviewed Mr. Wash about his work, how art can help the incarcerated, and what it would mean not just to him, but to prisoners nationwide, if he could finally clear his name. Click here to read the full story.


“Art was a neutral zone and a way to express the human emotions that both I and the other inmates were feeling,” he told Marisa Aveling and Sean Mattison while filming the documentary below.


'WeTransfer Presents: Mr. Wash' is a story about art, family and second chances: