Trash Tee

Trash Tee

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  • Felix Burrichter shot by Harry Eelman
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    Felix Burrichter

    The founder of Pin-Up magazine has something homey in store.
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  • Danielle Levitt
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    Danielle Levitt

    A tank top that’s elegant enough to dress up if you feel so inclined.
    Summer 2017Read more
  • Dallas Clayton Poem Postcards

    Dallas Clayton Poem Postcards

    Caution: these postcards promote writing (by hand!) and sharing between humans.
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  • Akira
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    Unisex basics is for kids ages 2—8.
    Fall 2017Read more
  • Delores' Twist and Tie Skirt

    Delores’ Twist and Tie Skirt

    Convertible jersey separates for you and yours.
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  • Charlie in the car
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    Fall 2017Read more
  • Roísín
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    Róisín Davis

    The kind of pyjamas you wouldn’t be embarrassed to run out of the hotel in when the fire alarm goes off.
    Fall 2017Read more
  • Jean Pigozzi with dogs in printed shirt

    Jean Pigozzi

    The brilliant mind behind EVERYBODY.WORLD’s Hungry Snakes returns, and this time he's designed a nightshirt.
    Fall 2017Read more
  • Carry-It-All Pouch

    Carry-It-All Pouch

    Fill its sunny-colored cheeks with your cell phone, keys, cosmetics and cards, and carry it as a clutch.
  • Card Holder

    Card Holder

    Fits standard business cards, credit cards, driver’s licenses and folded bills.
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  • Jean Pigozzi "Hungry Snake" Pillow

    Jean Pigozzi “Hungry Snake” Pillow

    This limited edition 8 foot long pillow is impractical, absurd and looks great in any setting.
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  • Boxy Trash Tee

    Boxy Trash Tee

    A looser fit, almost boat neck-y with a straight body that lands at the hip bone.
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  • Tailored Trash Tee

    Tailored Trash Tee

    A slimmer cut with a gentle curve at the waist, a higher neck and longer-than-average sleeves.
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  • Classic Trash Tee

    Classic Trash Tee

    Errs on the side of easy when it comes to fit.
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  • Indoor Outdoor Slippers

    Indoor Outdoor Slippers

    Find temporary reprieve from life’s curve balls by sliding into these simple cotton slippers.
  • Adwoa Aboah in GURLS TALK Tee
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    Adwoa Aboah

    Something you can wear day or night, that’s suitable from the bed to the bar.
    Spring 2017Read more
  • Grandfather.
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    Unisex silhouettes in unexpected textiles.
    Spring 2017Read more
  • Gift Card

    Gift Card

    Our gift cards keep giving to our workers, our contributors and the planet.
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  • Margot & Ed Safe Place Poncho

    Margot & Ed Safe Place Poncho

    A soft-yet-sturdy layer of warmth and protection from the outside world.
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  • Margot & Ed Oversized Sweatshirt

    Margot & Ed Oversized Sweatshirt

    This dense fleece is made in Los Angeles and contains three kinds of cotton yarn.
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  • Margot & Ed All In Flightsuit

    Margot & Ed All In Flightsuit

    For people that appreciate a great jumpsuit, this is the one(sie).
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  • Margot & Ed Bottom Up Pant

    Margot & Ed Bottom Up Pant

    Equipped with deep pockets.
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  • Margot & Ed Top Down Jacket

    Margot & Ed Top Down Jacket

    An exercise in the art of balance.
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  • Kiki’s Circle Dress

    Kiki’s Circle Dress

    A little black dress brought to you by writer, DJ and bento rice jar inventor Kiki Kudo.
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  • Mae & Kalen’s Griffin Mill Coat

    Mae & Kalen’s Griffin Mill Coat

    Sometimes when humor, style and art collide you get the perfect jacket.
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  • PrakashButtonUp_Irene_01

    Prakash’s Perfect Button-Up

    Lose or win, you’ll enjoy this collection from spiritualist and chess enthusiast Prakash Gokalchand.
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  • Super Special Wrapping

    Super Special Wrapping

    Our African textile wrapping is one-of-a-kind.
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  • Big Yellow Tote

    Big Yellow Tote

    This 100% cotton tote can hold all of life’s essentials.


    An homage to the improv sign makers in Los Angeles that inspire us every day.
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    EVERYBODY.WORLD joined The Standard in fighting the good fight, raising money for the ACLU.
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    EVERYBODY.WORLD joined The Standard in fighting the good fight, raising money for the ACLU.
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  • Delores' Twist and Tie Top

    Delores’ Twist and Tie Top

    Convertible jersey separates for you and yours.
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  • Paloma
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    A mix-and-match top and pant combo, for all kinds of girls.
    Fall 2017Read more
  • Custom Color Flightsuit

    Custom Color Flightsuit

    Pick a color, any color.
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  • Mae & Kalen's Charity Coat

    Mae & Kalen’s Charity Coat

    All proceeds go to Give Directly, an organization sending money to people living in extreme poverty.
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  • Pocket Trash Tee

    Pocket Trash Tee

    The Classic Trash Tee gets a front chest pocket upgrade.
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  • Long Sleeve Trash Tee

    Long Sleeve Trash Tee

    The any-season wardrobe staple.
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  • Essence and Jihaari
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    Essence and Jihaari

    They're a dope crew and this is a dope shoe.
    Spring 2017Read more


    All proceeds go directly to Women Under the Influence, an organization bringing female filmmakers to the fore.
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EVERYBODY.WORLD teamed up with the largest yarn manufacturer in the world to make an entirely new fabric—from trash.

EVERYBODY.WORLD collects the waste fibers that are usually thrown away and processes them in a brand new way.

This huge combing machine moves back and forth to “open” the cotton.

Next the cotton blasts around in a wind tunnel to remove debris.

After that, it's blended in what looks like a snow globe to harmonize the cotton.

Using air force, the cotton is slammed hard to “beat out” any remaining dirt.

Next, the “carding” process turns sheets of cotton air into large ropes of cotton.

These long cotton ropes are then spun into yarn.

We take the waste from each of these steps above and put them all through the same process. That yarn becomes the Trash Tee!