Version Releases

We found Robert on Craigslist when conventional developers gave us outlandish budgets and six month timelines to put together our site. Based on a few hand sketches and a list of requirements, Robert put this site together in about three weeks for a very modest budget. We think he’s the best and you should contact him for your next project! is a work in progress. Since going “live” on November 3rd, we’ve made many updates, the ones you may notice are logged below. We’re always looking for bugs and ways we can improve your experience. If you notice anything that doesn’t work quite right or have suggestions, email

Nov 1 2016 1.1 Released

  • Updated checkout page styling; enable log in / guest checkout
  • Tag navigation moved to header on larger screens
  • Clicking a category loads the feed at the first content, scrolling past hero image(s)
  • Created shop box overlay
  • Added product thumbnails
  • Added product image zoom function
  • Autofill user's likes from server on page load
  • Updated product page layout

Nov 3. 2016 1.3 Released

  • Added password confirmation field on registration page
  • Updated swatch hover effects
  • Per-product shipping
  • Display custom product description content (in addition to, or replacing, content pulled from feed items)

Nov 5. 2016 1.4 Released

  • Added header join/sign in functions
  • Removed password strength meter
  • Customized invoice styling
  • Added show more & back to top functions to feed
  • Custom per-product backorder text
  • Added socials to primary navigation, hide from header on mobile
  • Like function updated

Nov 9 2016 1.5 Released

  • Optimized images
  • Added address validation
  • Updated about page design
  • Added hover menu on desktop
  • Hover tap product image

Nov 16 2016 1.6 Released

  • Mouseout hide primary navigation menu
  • Updated registration form
  • Updated social login
  • Added welcome on sign in
  • Autofill registration from newsletter join

Dec 8 2016 1.7 Released

  • Added stepper to product page
  • Added custom mobile product text with expandable description
  • Added custom short description to shop page
  • Chain letter functionality
  • Style and layout updates

Dec 18 2016 1.7.1 Released

  • Updated login & checkout pre-login forms
  • Added hero video block
  • Display menu cart quantity
  • Added coupon field to checkout
  • Added inventory flags to shop page
  • Gift wrap function
  • Updated styling
  • Added multi-carrier shipping
  • Checkout coupon submit made asynchronous
  • Style and design updates

Jan 26 2017 1.7.2 Released

  • Newslsetter generator function
  • Hide shop button on shop page

Feb 28 2017 1.9 Released

  • Updated logo
  • Updated navigation bar
  • Switch product photos on swatch click
  • Wholesale page
  • Dynamic anchor tags
  • Style updates

Mar 25 2017 2.0 Released

  • Deployed application to AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Refactored application logic to increase speed
  • Migrated media content to AWS, distributed through a global CDN to reduce load time
  • Application deployed onto larger, redundant, load balanced servers
  • Style updates

May 25 2017 2.3 Released

  • Modified Waitlist copy and style
  • Lightbox images maintain dimensions
  • Move lightbox close button
  • Add feed item footer & socials to lightbox image
  • Shop Facebook Integration
  • Add instagram to socials
  • Socials open in new windows

July 30 2017 2.4 Released

  • Style updates
  • Extend likes function
  • Infrastructure improvements