Trash Tee

Trash Tee

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EVERYBODY.WORLD teamed up with the largest yarn manufacturer in the world to make an entirely new fabric—from trash.

EVERYBODY.WORLD collects the waste fibers that are usually thrown away and processes them in a brand new way.

This huge combing machine moves back and forth to “open” the cotton.

Next the cotton blasts around in a wind tunnel to remove debris.

After that, it's blended in what looks like a snow globe to harmonize the cotton.

Using air force, the cotton is slammed hard to “beat out” any remaining dirt.

Next, the “carding” process turns sheets of cotton air into large ropes of cotton.

These long cotton ropes are then spun into yarn.

We take the waste from each of these steps above and put them all through the same process. That yarn becomes the Trash Tee!