This bundle includes assorted Trash Tees and Hoodie, 6 items total. 

Sizes: 1 x XL (Hoodie), 1 x XS (Long Sleeve Trash Tee), 1 x L (Classic Trash Tee), 1 x M (Classic Trash Tee), 1 x Kids 8 (Kids Trash Tee), 1 x Kids 10 (Kids Trash Tee)
Colors: Rust 
Fabric: 100% Recycled Cotton
Fit Notes: Unisex and errs on the side of easy when it comes to fit
Category: Imperfect 1 (light staining and/or pinhole damage) 

Factory Flea items are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. Wash with like colors. All sales are final.