Krista's Perfect Panties


What elements make these panties a perfect ten? Consistency, discretion, maximized efficiency, and a little bit of eroticism. 

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Designer: Krista Mary Martin

Krista Mary Martin is an artist and dog mom who lives and works in Los Angeles. She makes semi-functional sculptures. 

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Krista Mary Martin is an artist and dog mom who lives and works in Los Angeles. She makes semi-functional sculptures. A majority of her personal work integrates recycled materials, often repurposing excess and detritus from people and places in her immediate environment.
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'In a time when there is so much available surplus from previous eras, I buy everything from coffee grinders to literature to the greater majority of my wardrobe secondhand,’ she says. 'Panties are the one thing that I buy new; same style repeatedly; in volume. More than a bra or socks, panties are the thing I wear most on any given day; my outfit starts with a black thong and evolves from there depending on where I'm going or staying.'
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When they’re on, how should the Perfect Panties make you feel? 'You probably shouldn't feel very much of your panties though your panties should incite liberal amounts of confidence and agility.'

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