Ron Finley’s Values Long Sleeve


Made from 100% Recycled Cotton and emblazoned with the words "Integrity" and "Awareness" down the sleeves. 

100% of proceeds will be donated to Ron's non-profit, The Ron Finley Project.

Designer: Ron Finley

Ron Finley is fierce, kind and uncompromising, and it’s those qualities that have made him so successful at changing culture. Best known for his community activism, he’s the Gangsta Gardener teaching people the power of growing your own food and gardening as an act of defiance. For our Contributor Collection, Ron has conceived comfortable and casual wardrobe staples with practical purpose and ergonomic details.

Ron's collection includes wide-leg pants and a French Terry hoodie, alongside two Trash Tees, a Necessities Tote and a Garden Bandana that feature artwork and positive affirmations designed by his son, Kohshin. 


-18/1 Recycled Cotton jersey (the first of its kind!)
-Made from remnants of US-grown cotton collected at the yarn source 
-Responsibly manufactured in South Los Angeles 
Garment washed after it’s sewn
-Preshrunk and ready to wear
-Wash with like colors
-This item cannot be refunded, but can be exchanged for a different size

Size Chart:

-Measurements are approximate and may deviate 1" due to variances in the garment dye process

LENGTH 27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32"
CHEST 34" 38" 42" 46" 50" 54"
SLEEVE 21" 22" 22.5" 23" 23.5" 24"
SHOULDERS 16.5" 18" 19" 20.5" 22" 24"

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Ron Finley is a man of many talents who refuses to be labeled. He’s known for his community activism and as the Gangsta Gardener, teaching the unifying power of growing your own food. For our Contributor Collection, designed piece-by-piece by everyday extraordinary people, Ron has conceived of comfortable and casual wardrobe staples with practical purpose and ergonomic details.
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It's all about the details

Ron Finley’s Freedom Pant and Uprising Hoodie are complemented by his Necessities Tote, Necessities Tee, Values Long Sleeve and Garden Bandana, which feature positive affirmations and artwork created by Ron’s son, Kohshin. 'I mean, our basics aren’t really what I want to think of as basics,' Ron says of his designs.
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’There is no trash, there’s only art waiting to happen and that’s what I love about what we’ve done.’

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‘I studied tailoring when I was 15 and with that I realized that clothes weren’t made for me. It just got me into a thing that my whole life should be customized.’

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Read our interview with Ron where he discusses the details behind his designs, measuring success, levitating and more.

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'The line is somewhat of a social statement, it’s just a way for you to look at things differently. If you operate from a place of comfort, everything is going to be beautiful. Nobody can fuck with your happy, you realize that you make yourself happy.'

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Archival photos from Ron Finley’s DROPDEAD.Collecxion clothing label.

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Daily Affirmation

’When I wake up I’m successful,’ says Ron. ‘I’m not measuring my success by what we’ve been trained to think success is. What gives you value? The watch? The phone? The shoes? No, motherfucker, there’s only one thing that gives you value and that’s you. It’s that simple. You can have value just by saying ‘I have value.’’
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The Ron Finley Project

As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Ron will receive 10% of the sales of his Freedom Pant and Uprising Hoodie, which are going to his non-profit, The Ron Finley Project, and EVERYBODY.WORLD will be matching his donation. For all other pieces in his collection, 100% of proceeds will be donated to his organization.
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Ron is the first Contributor that's a designer by trade, breaking our one rule to only seek non-designers. But Ron is singular—and what we're really seeking by finding everyday extraordinary people to design something missing from their wardrobe is to learn, and there's a wealth of knowledge in Ron Finley.

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Read A Gardener Reimagines Sustainable Fashion in The New York Times T List newsletter.

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'This is my revolution. This is my protest,' Ron told Vogue. Read Ron Finley, the Gangsta Gardener, Wants You to Think Green.