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Candy Wrapper Tote

Candy Wrapper Tote

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An oversized tote bag that's heavy on the twinkle-factor. Perfect for grocery runs, beach days and flea markets.

Hand woven with leftover candy wrappers; the tight chain link gives it a structured feeling, like your own personal shopping basket, but soft and flexible. The thick cotton straps thread beneath to support the bottom of the bag, and securely hold all of your shopping.


- Handwoven in Kenya
- Finished in Los Angeles, California with a fair-wage workforce
-100% cotton rope straps
- The women who weave these bags are heads of their household, working in-between their domestic responsibilities

About the Designer

Danielle Levitt is a portrait photographer and Emmy-winning director whose work is iconic, important, unpretentious and passionate.

Her career has spanned the fashion, art and commercial worlds, and includes publications like Vanity Fair, Time, i-D and GQ, and an enduring collaboration with Rick Owens where she captured the designer's most groundbreaking collections for a new book. Danielle's personal archive documents marginalized communities, divergent subcultures and the constantly evolving landscape of contemporary American youth culture. We're big fans of her and even more enamored with the vivacity she can bring to any situation.

As with all Everybody.World contributors, Danielle will receive 10% of the sales of her designs.

Size Chart

Measurements are approximate and may deviate 1".


Width 22.5"
Height 18"
Strap Height (from top edge of bag) 9"
Strap Length 30"
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Everybody.World by

Danielle Levitt

A photographer and award-winning director whose work is iconic, important, unpretentious and passionate, capturing everyone from teens in rural America to the biggest stars. Danielle radiates joy and is a big believer in keeping the energy on set positive. “I notice that when I give out good energy, I get it back a hundred times over.”

She's a disco queen with enviable style who has made a vibrant career out of telling original and personal stories. We're big fans of her and even more enamored with the vivacity she can bring to any situation.

For Everybody.World, she's designed an oversized tote that's market-ready. Like Danielle herself, it's heavy on the twinkle-factor.

The first time she experienced a bag with handles thread beneath was at a food market in Uganda. “A shelf formed when the goods went inside and because the weight was so wonderfully balanced, the straps were able to support the bottom of the bag—and all of my shopping desires!”

How would her mom, Marie-France, describe her? If you asked Danielle, she thinks it'd be something like this (in a French accent): "You should meet my daughter. She is a very famous photographer and director and is friends with Rick Owens, she has lots of pages on Google and won an Emmy."

The Contributor Collection is designed by everyday people. They enjoy 10% profits of their ideas.