Cotton Mask


*Not made to protect from the novel coronavirus. These masks were developed for industrial purposes only. While they're not medical grade, studies have shown that even a cotton mask can be effective at preventing the spread of viruses, and are helpful to stop you from touching your face.

Made of 100% cotton, featuring an adjustable nose that you can form to the contours of your face. The two straps, worn around the head and neck, can be tied and tightened to your preferred fit.

Donated to EVERYBODY.WORLD by Los Angeles Apparel, who developed these to protect their workers from the dust and particles at its factory. All proceeds go directly to our employee relief Rainy Day Fund, set up to offer more paid time off for factory workers during this pandemic.


-100% Cotton
-Made in Los Angeles
-One size
-Adjustable nose
-DIY-adjustable straps
-Machine washable
-All sales final