CASE 24, 27, 44, 45, 46, 50: ROSE COTTON FLEECE HOODIE


There’s always overstock and imperfects in manufacturing. It weighs on our conscience and our books. We’re actively working on EVERYBODY.WORLD 2.0, including better solutions for that issue. In the meantime, these thoughtfully produced goods are available for you to be creative with at less than wholesale prices.

Make It Custom: 
If you’d like to customize the garments in this case, please email sales@everybody.world with your order number and case number after you checkout!

Customizations include:
-Overdye $3-$5 per unit
-One color print $2.50 per unit
-Two color print $4 per unit

Wholesale Case Sale items are garment dyed and pre-shrunk. Wash with like colors. All sales are final.