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MR. WASH VS. USA Long Sleeve Trash Tee

WASH WEAR by EVERYBODY.WORLD is new collection from self-taught artist, Mr. Wash, and streetwear designer Rick Klotz. 100% of profits go to Mr. Wash’s legal defense fund as he fights to clear his name after a wrongful conviction that resulted in 21 years behind bars.

Made from 100% recycled cotton (the first of its kind!), this long sleeve is a unisex style that errs on the side of easy when it comes to fit.

Featuring ‘Emancipation Proclamation 2014’, the last painting in Mr. Wash’s “Incaptivity” series created while serving a life without parole sentence for a crime he did not commit. The image depicts the artist being granted his freedom by President Obama, inspired by the original Emancipation Proclamation painting in which Abraham Lincoln is freeing the nation’s slaves. This concept was conceived while Mr. Wash was petitioning President Obama for clemency and contributed to his release.

“MR WASH VS. UNITED STATES” is the ominous headline on every court document from Mr. Wash's case, and emphasizes his ongoing fight to clear his name.

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