Mae & Kalen's Griffin Mill Coat
Worker BlueMae & Kalen's Griffin Mill CoatMae & Kalen's Griffin Mill CoatMae & Kalen's Griffin Mill CoatMae & Kalen's Griffin Mill CoatMae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_09BlackMae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_07Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_10Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_03Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_04Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_06Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_05Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Black_01Mae&Kalen_Rotating_01Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_02Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_03Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_04MaeKalen_Rotating_Detail_06.jpgMae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_07Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_08Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_09Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_10Mae&Kalen_Rotating_Detail_11Native Green

Mae & Kalen’s Griffin Mill Coat

Mae Elvis Kaufman and Kalen Hollomon are a couple of artists that are also a couple. For EVERYBODY.WORLD they’ve designed the one thing they were both in search of: the perfect coat. Theirs is unisex, mid-length, multi-seasonal and made of heavy 100% cotton. It's a comfortable and sturdy cape of sorts, with exactly nine thoughtful pockets.

This coat was diligently designed to be equally suitable for the studio or an opening, and most importantly, features substantial options for placing your hands or carrying around Sharpies, X-Acto knives and disguises, or whatever else life calls for.

-100% Cotton, 9.5 oz Bull Denim
-Garment dyed in south Los Angeles
-Pre-laundered, pre-shrunk
-Machine wash separately or with like colors for first few washes to avoid color transfer, hang dry

We're Here For You

We’d like our products to last a lifetime. Sometimes, along the way, a button pops off, a rear-end seam splits, or you put two-too-many books in your Big Yellow Tote and it dies a sudden death. It happens. So, we’ve decided to offer our customers lifetime repairs–within reason, of course… we’re still a very small operation!

Here’s what we’re thinking: For as long as we’re around and have the resources to do so, we’ll repair anything you’ve ever bought from us that didn’t hold up to your life’s requirements. All we ask is for you to meet us halfway on shipping. Get it to us in Los Angeles and we’ll fix it, then send it back at our expense. If you want to make the repair yourself, we’re more than happy send you buttons or other trims you might need. Bottom line, we want you to be happy and love wearing your EVERYBODY.WORLD as much as possible. Thanks for your support!

Get in touch at and let us know how we can help.

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Additional Information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 5 x 3 in

Worker Blue, Black, Native Green