“Why do the ideas have to come from a designer? I know a lot of people — they’re writers or they’re architects or they’re kids. But they have their own style, their own passions.”
“The Creatives Who Shaped American Apparel Debut a New Brand—And It’s for Everybody”
“The ethical label by two former employees of the troubled US brand shows the future of fashion – in basics and beyond.”
“This New Line Might Be the First-Ever Crowdsourced Fashion Company”
“The former American Apparel creatives Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, who recently launched the startup lifestyle brand Everybody, told Pigozzi they would design whatever he felt was missing in his life — all he had to do was describe it.”
“EVERYBODY is reinventing what a fashion company can be — with help from a network of magically diverse collaborators.”
“Emphasizing the ecological aspect of its products, EVERYBODY‘s offering ranges from multi-purpose stationary sets through unisex workman’s jacket to a 7-foot long snake-shaped body pillow.”
“Everybody ensures that all of its workers are paid what it describes as a fair wage and 95% of the factories are in California, where Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are much stricter than the rest of the country.”
“When they decided to start a company together, they knew they wanted more of a community spirit in their company, in which friends, collaborators, and people they admired could come together and contribute.”
“Everybody, a just-introduced clothing and lifestyle line that is getting back to basics in a fresh way. Of particular note is the company’s “trash tee,” a classic white T-shirt that, despite its moniker, is quite a treasure.”
“Adwoa has linked up with Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo's ethical direct-to-consumer platform EVERYBODY to design the one item she most wants in her own wardrobe: the perfect "boyfriend" tracksuit.”
“Everybody’s Pop-Up Shop Throws a Wild Anti–Fashion Week Party With Adwoa Aboah”
“Your new favorite basics have a story.”
“Adwoa Aboah and EVERYBODY "Informal Shop" Launch Party At 142 Henry Street, New York”
“Sparkly yellow flyers used as street sign, a delicious smell of food, a few plants here and there, discret displays, a small table where a cute nerd was djing, it was clear that walking into Everybody’s first pop-up store in Chinatown wasn’t like any other store experience. ”
“It’s rare to find a fashion brand doing something completely different or unique at this point in the game, but the buzzy three-month-old Los Angeles-based clothing and lifestyle goods company Everybody has found a way to do just that.”
“Everybody is the brainchild of two American Apparel alums, Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, a new-age ethical fashion company that's all about keeping it real.”
“The Informal shop of EVERYBODY created by the former American Apparel creative directors Iris Alonzo & Carolina Crespo, focused on ecology, environmentally-friendly manufacturing (to their core), well-paid workers and ideas.”
“With nothing to waste and everything to create, Iris and Carolina are at the forefront of carving out the latest and most encompassing fashion community that everybody needs to become aware of.”
“You know what’s more useful (and adult) than a cabinet stuffed with shopping bags? Knowing and owning and committing to a single perfect tote.”
“It's a refreshing, quirky antidote to the anonymous-feeling fast fashion buys.”
“We chatted with Crespo and Alonzo about social consciousness and commerce, collecting functional objects, and how non-designers see the world differently.”
“For shoppers who feel the same way, Everybody's ethically driven process and unique collaborations may be just the breath of fresh air they didn't know they were looking for.”
“Instead of reaching for a three-pack of simple crew-neck undershirts, consider the Classic Trash Tee by the clothing and lifestyle brand Everybody.”
“Founded by Iris Alonzo and Carolina Crespo, EVERYBODY.WORLD focuses on sustainability, humanity and creativity.”
“U.S. garment production wouldn't be a thing without immigrants.”
“An eco-conscious clothing line that has something for, you guessed it, everyone.”
“Fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world. Clothes made from 100% recycled cotton could help change that.”
“A coveted basic—overdyed, preshrunk, worn-in—and the celebrity go-to for charitable promotion.”
“LA-based EVERYBODY.WORLD is doing something not many fashion brands are willing or able to do: simplifying and reducing their wares to the basics. To boot, everything is made sustainably and ethically.”
“This 13-year-old artist designed New York Fashion Week’s coolest pants.”
“What were you doing at age 14? Definitely not designing a collection with one of the chillest, most ethical clothing labels in the US. But Paloma is not a typical almost-14-year-old and neither are her young friends.”
“The Coveted Tote Bags That Scream ‘Status’”
“The new apparel brand's concept is totally unique; they ask everyday people they admire to design a single item of clothing or product they think should exist. If that wasn't cool enough, they also created the world's first-ever 100% recycled cotton.”
“Why Work Wives Are the Future of Fashion”
“Everything About This Ad, From the Film to the Audio, Is 100% Recycled”
“The rise of 'merch' has made the blank T-shirt business better than ever. But there's more to the story.”
“buy these t-shirts and help clear an innocent man's name”