EVERYBODY.WORLD makes eco, ethical, enjoyable merch.

We partner with the best American factories to make socially conscious, sustainable and very special products.

Biodegradable Basics

EVERYBODY.WORLD is the first company to offer a t-shirt made from 100% Recycled Cotton. The Trash Tee collection is our main thing, but we can make anything.

Customize Your Designs

From classic tees, long sleeves and pocket tees made from our 100% Recycled Cotton textiles, to sweaters, hoodies, totes that can be printed and dyed to match any Pantone shade, as well as completely custom cut and sew items like aprons, laptop cases, slippers, underwear, and knit blankets.

Download The Catalog

View or download our wholesale line sheet by clicking here.

Get In Touch

We want to bring your ideas to life! Email sales@everybody.world to inquire about wholesale pricing.