When clothing brands claim to be sustainable and equitable what do they really mean? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ We’re organizing our last few years worth of data in an effort to have a reality-based picture of our manufacturing ecosystem. When it comes to measures of success, our micro-model doesn't look to the capitalist status quo for direction, especially not in our industry. We operate first from our brand’s pillars—Workers, Ecology, Ideas—then do our best with every decision and every dollar.

From day one, EVERYBODY.WORLD has avoided traditional investment. We launched in 2016 with our savings and small loans from Iris and Carolina’s mothers (see pics below). We dared to try something completely new—make a t-shirt from 100% Recycled Cotton—with the hopes of finding just enough people to try a Trash Tee and spread the word so we could pay the bills and continue to innovate. No matter how big or small, every purchase makes you a literal investor in our company, and we thank you for participating in this ongoing experiment.

To show you exactly where your money goes when you shop with us we traced every $1 spent in 2020 to where it was allocated.


Data audit by Lorna Kabachnik

This dollar split was not entirely planned, nor is it perfectly balanced. We took 2020 as it came and did our best to be a positive force in our precious, fragile, essential, gorgeous manufacturing community and the EVERYBODY.WORLD family.

54¢ from every $1 went directly into our manufacturing ecosystem (equivalent skilled work in Bangladesh could get only 3¢). At the same time, since day one we put our faith in a word-of-mouth approach and spent just a penny on marketing (the average for our highly competitive industry is said to be 20-50¢.) This month, though, we placed our first ads online and are looking forward to working with new creatives and old friends to help spread the gospel.

Visualizing our financial impact over the years has given us a stronger understanding of our potential. This year, we are intentionally redistributing funds towards people, organizations, as well as new ideas to improve our supply chain, and spaceship Earth. This is our 2021 goal: 

2021 GOAL

We’ll keep you posted, and thank you! 

Lupe & Sandra

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