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Delores is a nurse, an LAUSD educator, a former fashion model, and the founder of Mentors for Youth and Adults Worldwide. She's been married to her equally incredible husband, Ben, for more than 60 years. Ben is a Korean war veteran and retired aerospace engineer. Everybody.World met this dynamic duo at the gym a few years back and have been enamored with their fierce style, good humor and devoted teamwork ever since.

Delores may be in her 80s but that don’t mean she’s slowed down any. She’s extremely busy and Everybody.World are lucky to get to see her once in a while and even more fortunate to have had her design a sold-out collection of convertible jersey separates.

As with all Everybody.World contributors, Delores will receive 10% of the sales of her designs, which she has decided will go towards her granddaughter, Jade’s education.

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