Prakash's Recycled Cotton Button-Up Shirt

₡ 104.900,00

A thing of unfussy, functional beauty.

Made from a lightweight Recycled Cotton gauze that's washed for a really special feel, with a gentle curve at the hem, sleeves that are able to roll easily and a chest pocket exactly four fingers wide. 

The textile is a world-first, made in Colombia with a fair-wage workforce and closed-loop supply chain. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles and finished with recycled paper buttons. 

-50% Recycled Cotton, 42% Sustainably Sourced Cotton, 8% mixed fibers from the manufacturing process
-Fabric made in Medellin, Colombia
-Responsibly manufactured in South Los Angeles
-Recycled paper buttons
-Preshrunk and ready to wear

Prakash Gokalchand is a spiritualist and chess enthusiast that EVERYBODY.WORLD met in MacArthur Park. Every day, he would sit near the lake playing his preferred centuries-old mind sport with classic, unassuming style.

Like all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Prakash receives 10% of the sales of his designs.

-Machine wash cold with like colors
-Do not bleach
-Tumble dry low, inside out or hang to dry

-Measurements are approximate and may deviate 1'' due to variances in the garment dye process
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Intentional, intuitive, and incredibly discerning, Prakash is a chess enthusiast we met in MacArthur Park. Everyday, he would sit by the lake playing a centuries-old mind sport with unassuming style.

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'I love the spirit of playing chess. Lose or win, I just enjoy it.'

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'My main thing is spirituality,' he says.

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He believes the birds and trees and people and stars are all interconnected. Years ago, he summed up his nearly 60-year inquiry into spirituality to three words: 'All is One.'

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Prakash designed his preferred Button-Up Shirt and Perfect Sweatpants, with a Half-Zip Pullover to layer atop them both.

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He was intentional about the buttons and the way the hem would gently curve at the bottom, and made sure the sleeves were able to roll easily.

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With a front patch pocket that's exactly four fingers wide.

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Coming soon in Recycled Cotton, which is a COMPLETELY UNIQUE BLEND.

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To make this world-first woven textile, we capture cotton waste before it gets to landfill, then mix with sustainably sourced cotton.

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Made in partnership with a family factory in Colombia that supports a fair-wage workforce and closed-loop supply chain.