Ito Ako' Casette Mixtape

₡ 8.700,00

Ito Ako, meaning "it me" is a tape of Filipino music by Angela Dimayugaoriginally commissioned by Bunny Jr. Tapes.

Side A is a compilation of Kundiman, or Filipino love songs. Angela's great-grandfather, the composer, Francisco Santiago (known as The Father of Kundiman Art Song) popularized the genre in the early 1900s, and Track 2 is an original composition by him.

Side B is 90s Bay Area Filipinx alternative, contemporary dream pop, freestyle and RnB; it's music Angela grew up listening to and songs that shaped her teen years.

The cassette sold out when first released! This exclusive second pressing acts as a musical accompaniment to Angela's new book, which shares personal storytelling of the diaspora and Angela's own Filipinx-American experience. 

Artist: Angela Dimayuga

Angela Dimayuga is a New York City based chef, multidisciplinary artist and co-author of Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora. A daughter of Filipino immigrants, and raised in the Bay Area, she often works in the ephemeral and impermanent, engaging and producing experiences often in collaboration with other artists, scientists, designers, farmers.

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Want more music from Angela Dimayuga? Listen to her experimental cooking radio show SALIVATIONS on NTS.

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Flavor consultant

Angela is a self-taught chef who trained and led world-renowned restaurants like Mission Chinese Food NY where she was Executive Chef, and with a position made uniquely for her practice, Creative Director for Food & Culture at The Standard Hotels International. She's a contributing writer to NY Times Cooking & Food, host of an experimental cooking show for NTS Radio, associate artist at Performance Space New York, and culinary advisor to the Lower East Side girls club.
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In her debut cookbook, 'Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora,' Angela puts a spin on classics, delivering a thoughtful and modern guide to an essential cuisine.

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It's a photography and design driven cookbook, filled with 100 recipes, personal storytelling, anchored with historical research and pre-colonial and ancestral acknowledgements.

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For our Contributor Collection Angela has designed a tool roll that's portable, durable and elegant.

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'I never liked any knife roll I owned, so I wanted to make my own. Having something beautiful like this forces you to keep your tools extremely clean, and carefully choose where each is stored.'

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'You can wear it over your shoulder and cross-body. I love the ceremonial feeling of wrapping the long tie around the tool roll to enclose,' she says.

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Not just a knife roll for a chef on the go, it's equally functional for musicians, ceramicists—or hobbyists of any description—to safely store and carry their essential tools.