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We’re proud to be releasing the EVERYBODY.WORLD typeface for free! 

Featuring 26 letters, 10 numbers and !#?$@, it's an homage to the ephemeral artworks across Los Angeles that inspire us every day. Combining an array of satisfying idiosyncrasies from hand painted signs, blended with classic block forms. 

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Designer: Ariel Roman 

Ariel is an illustrator and art director influenced by an upbringing in salty water, comic books, cars and punk. Her work comes together through texture, bold shapes and humor.

To create the EVERYBODY.WORLD typeface she started where we start every work day: the loop. That means Iris, Carolina, Ariel and Charlie the dog piled in a car and drove the manufacturing loop from our MacArthur Park office, across to South Central, down through Vernon, up into downtown Los Angeles, and finally back to HQ. The goal was to document the hand painted signs that line each neighborhood.