Angela's Recycled Cotton Tool Roll

₡ 123.600,00

An excellent knife roll for a chef on the go and equally functional for budding home cooks, ceramicists, drummers—or hobbyists of any description—to safely store and carry their essential tools.

Made of a durable and washable Recycled Cotton canvas and featuring an adjustable shoulder strap, long ties to close when rolled, nine internal pockets, and a secure zip pocket. 

The unique indigo color is dyed by hand from botanical waste and the shades produced will vary. Indigo was chosen by Angela as it is an antimicrobial, helping to keep your tools clean, naturally!

-Recycled Cotton canvas
-Fabric made in Medellin, Colombia, cut and sewn in Los Angeles
-50% Recycled Cotton, 42% Sustainably Sourced Cotton, 8% mixed fibers
-Natural dyed before its sewn
-Indigo shades will vary from how it is pictured

Angela Dimayuga is a New York City based chef, multidisciplinary artist and co-author of Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora. A daughter of Filipino immigrants, and raised in the Bay Area, she often works in the ephemeral and impermanent, engaging and producing experiences often in collaboration with other artists, scientists, designers, farmers.

As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Angela will receive 10% of the sales of her designs.

These pieces have been created with extra care and unrushed time, we recommend the same level of attention to maintain its integrity and maximize longevity. For best results:

-Machine wash cold or hand wash
-Wash separately or with like colors
-Hang in the shade or tumble dry low, separately
-Avoid hanging in direct sunlight or laying flat to dry
-Use a mild, eco-friendly soap that is as pH neutral as possible (chemical-based detergents may cause color change)
-Do not bleach

-Measurements are approximate and may deviate 1'' due to variances in the garment dye process
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Angela's idea for our Contributor Collection was a tool roll that's portable, durable and elegant.

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'I never liked any knife roll I owned, so I wanted to make my own. Having something beautiful like this forces you to keep your tools extremely clean, and carefully choose where each is stored.'

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'You can wear it over your shoulder and cross-body. I love the ceremonial feeling of wrapping the long tie around the tool roll to enclose,' she says.

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Artist and musician, Lizzi Bougatsos, became Angela's ceramics mentor last summer, with the chef helping produce thrown bowls for her show at James Fuentes Essex. Now neighbors, the two are working on acquiring a kiln for new works and grounding moments.

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Not just a knife roll for a chef on the go, it's equally functional for musicians and ceramicists like Lizzi, to safely store and carry their essential tools.

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Flavor consultant

Angela is a self-taught chef who trained and led world-renowned restaurants like Mission Chinese Food NY where she was Executive Chef, and with a position made uniquely for her practice, Creative Director for Food & Culture at The Standard Hotels International. She's a contributing writer to NY Times Cooking & Food, host of an experimental cooking show for NTS Radio, associate artist at Performance Space New York, and culinary advisor to the Lower East Side girls club.
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In her debut cookbook, 'Filipinx: Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora,' Angela puts a spin on classics, delivering a thoughtful and modern guide to an essential cuisine.

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It's a photography and design driven cookbook, filled with 100 recipes, personal storytelling, anchored with historical research and pre-colonial and ancestral acknowledgements.

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Heritage Recipes from the Diaspora

Angela champions the food of the Philippines with delicious recipes alongside her own stories of growing up in an immigrant family in northern California, and how she came to learn about and love the food of her heritage. Exciting, approachable and thoughtfully conceived, these are the dishes that define the cuisine for her, ready for home cooks to embrace in their own kitchens.
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Listen to Angela's experimental cooking radio show SALIVATIONS on NTS.

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Read Angela Dimayuga's 10 Essential Filipino Recipes in the New York Times. 'It might surprise you how familiar some of the ingredients are,' she says.