Abbe's Natural Dye Tall Tee

₡ 50.100,00

A super long night-to-day t-shirt you can dress up in or wear to the grocery store.

Made from 100% Recycled Cotton. This unique color is hand dyed, using natural dyes from plants like annatto and mangosteen tea leaves; each piece is unique and made to order, not necessarily as pictured. 

Designer: Abbe Findley 

Abbe Findley was born and raised on a small farm in Missouri and now lives and works in Los Angeles. She’s an herbalist, nail technician, artist, and the founder of Zizia Botanicals. Her product range includes tinctures, powders, herbal candies and a plant-based skincare regimen; all created from plants organically grown and sustainably sourced, never rare or over-harvested.

As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Abbe will receive 10% of the sales of her designs.


-100% Recycled Cotton jersey
-Responsibly manufactured in South Los Angeles
-Naturally dyed after it’s sewn
-Preshrunk and ready to wear

Size Chart:

SHOULDER SEAM 7.5" 7.5" 8.25"
ARMPIT TO ARMPIT 21.25" 21.25" 23.75"
CHEST 42.5" 43.5" 47.5"
BODY LENGTH 33.5" 35.25" 37"
SLEEVE LENGTH 8" 8.5" 8.5"

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Abbe's collection is for everyone and anyone. 'When people are wearing these garments I want them to feel comfortable, confident, and like you can go anywhere in them.'

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'I wanted the colors to be simple so people can add their personality and pop of color to the look. Maybe it's lime green socks, gold earrings, and/or a neon orange raincoat!'

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A super long night-to-day t-shirt that you can dress up in, or throw on when you want to relax at home.
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Unisexy high waist shorts that are comfortable enough sleep in, but also roll out of bed and go to work in too.
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Each Zizia Kit comes with this multifunctional Mini Tote, made from deadstock transparent nylon mesh and designed to carry your hygiene products on your next trip, then be used as a purse when you get there.
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Introducing Abbe! An herbalist, nail technician, artist, and the founder of Zizia Botanicals.

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At Zizia, Abbe creates innovative formulas for modern-day humans.

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'From herbal candies to skincare and tinctures, I make things I love taking,' she says.

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For EVERYBODY.WORLD, Abbe's reimagined the two items she's worn the most during the pandemic: Boxer brief shorts and giant t-shirt dresses.

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'Clothes I can sleep in but also roll out of bed and go to work in too,' Abbe says.

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Her color names, like Cherry and Sky, are inspired by a romantic summer picnic.

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Her super long night-to-day t-shirt is available in deadstock fabrics like this baby blue sport mesh and the two-tone silk, which she handpicked.

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'I want people to enjoy a slice of life in these clothes and hopefully make a few great memories along the way! I hope people will fly, travel around the world, lay in bed for an entire day, go to the library, garden, have a picnic, eat tons of great food, get a little tipsy, go dancing, and fall into bed with the best night's these clothes.'

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On the left is Abbe with her childhood pet squirrels (their names were Pete and Chipper), and on the right with her sisters.

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Read our interview with Abbe to get to know more about her and her passion for herbal medicine!