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This fleece is made entirely from cotton manufacturing waste and it’s the first and only of its kind on planet Earth. Just like our Trash Tee, it has a satisfyingly tactile feel and a positive impact on the environment. We're calling it the 100% Hoodie because it's 100% Recycled Cotton, 100% Biodegradable, 100% Made in LA and 100% Enjoyable.

100% Hoodie

The experts said it would never work. "You can’t make a garment from that trash," they told us. But here it is, a fluffy, textured fleece made from 100% Recycled Cotton! It’s an entirely new way to approach sustainability in apparel and it took almost a year to come to fruition. Now, each garment diverts ~2 lbs of cotton waste from trash to cozy treasure.

100% Hoodie

The 100% Hoodie and 100% Sweatpants are available in five fun colors, in unisex sizes XS—XXL. 


Photography: Brandon Stanciell