Designed To Last

Posted by Ariel Katz on

They say that the average American will throw away 81 lbs of clothing this year. Despite its name, we hope our Trash Tee never goes into the actual trash.

The product life cycle we envisage goes something like this: Like it, think about it, decide you need it, buy it, love it, wear it a ton, repair it, keep wearing it, love the way it ages, be sad when it finally can’t be worn anymore, cut it into rags, use them until they fall apart and only then throw what’s left away. Then, because our Trash Tees are fully biodegradable, the 100% Recycled Cotton fibers will decompose in ~6 months.

Alexis Gross

Trash Tees are $39 each (that’s $1 per year if you wear it and repair it for 39 years) and our 3-packs are $75. We also offer a Lifetime Guarantee, so as long as we’re around and have the resources, we’ll repair anything you’ve ever bought from us that didn’t hold up to your life’s requirements. If you want to make the repair yourself, we’re more than happy send you buttons or other trims you might need.

Bottom line, we want you to be happy and love wearing your EVERYBODY.WORLD as much and as long as possible.

Alexis Gross

Photography by Alexis Gross