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Closed-Loop Bucket Hat

Closed-Loop Bucket Hat

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Sun-smart and sturdy, with a multi-stitch brim to protect from rain and shine.

Made from a unique blend of recycled scraps and sustainably sourced cotton, developed in partnership with a family factory in Colombia that supports a fair-wage workforce and closed-loop supply chain. 


- Unisex
- A structured hat with a multi-stitch brim
- 9.5 oz Woven Bull Denim
- 50% Recycled Cotton, 42% Sustainably-Sourced Virgin Cotton, 8% Mixed Recycled Fibers
- Biodegradable
- Fabric made in Medellín, Colombia
- All cutting waste goes back into the textiles that we make our products from

Size Chart

- S best fits kids and people with smaller heads (measures 22.75" in circumference; 7 1/4 hat size)
- M best fits an average adult head (measures 23.875" in circumference; 7 5/8 hat size)
- L best fits bigger heads or those who prefer a looser fit (measures 25.25" in circumference; 8 hat size)

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