We’d like our products to last a lifetime. Sometimes, along the way, a button pops off, a rear-end seam splits, or you put two-too-many books in your Big Yellow Tote and it dies a sudden death. It happens. So, we’ve decided to offer our customers lifetime repairs–within reason, of course… we’re still a very small operation!

Here’s what we’re thinking: For as long as we’re around and have the resources to do so, we’ll repair anything you’ve ever bought from us that didn’t hold up to your life’s requirements. All we ask is for you to meet us halfway on shipping. Get it to us in Los Angeles and we’ll fix it, then send it back at our expense. If you want to make the repair yourself, we’re more than happy send you buttons or other trims you might need. Bottom line, we want you to be happy and love wearing your EVERYBODY.WORLD as much as possible.

Thanks for your support! 

To submit a repair request

Please email hello@everybody.world with a description and pictures of the damage so we can diagnose and "treat" the issue.

Exclusions for replacements include Factory Flea Market, perfectly imperfect, and samples. Proof of purchase may be required.