Natural Dye Kids Everyday Shorts


Featuring an elastic waistband and deep side pockets, these shorts have an easy, breezy fit just like our best-selling adult version.

100% Recycled Cotton. 100% Made in USA. 100% Enjoyable. 96% Biodegradable (everything but the elastic!).

Ultra Indigo is 100% Natural Dye, these hand dyed pieces have a unique patina that may vary throughout as well as piece-to-piece and will further shift with wear, washing, and the way we move through light.

-100% Recycled Cotton jersey (the first of its kind!)
-Made from remnants of cotton collected at the yarn source
-Responsibly manufactured from fabric to finish in South Los Angeles
-Natural dyed with flowers, barks, roots and dyewoods after it’s sewn
-Preshrunk and ready to wear
-Colors may vary from how they are pictured

Ariel Katz is a writer, sensitive Scorpio, and EVERYBODY.WORLD staff member who's been working with us behind-the-scenes since Day 1. They're also the fiancé of fellow contributor, Jerico Mandybur, whose Apartment Pants are an extended version of these shorts.

Like all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Ariel will receive 10% of the sales of their designs.

These pieces have been created with extra care and unrushed time, we recommend the same level of attention to maintain its integrity and maximize longevity. For best results:

-Turn garment inside out and do not soak
-Machine wash cold or hand wash
-Wash separately or with like colors
-Once washed, remove from the machine and give each item a light shake off
- Hang in the shade or tumble dry low, separately
-Avoid hanging in direct sunlight or laying flat to dry
-Use a mild, eco-friendly soap that is as pH neutral as possible (chemical-based detergents may cause color change)

Handle your naturally dyed goods with extra love and care. If you get a stain, run under cold water and, with your hands, gently encourage the stain to loosen from the fibers. Soak the spot with 1-2 tsp of eco-friendly dish soap and cold water for an hour or two, then machine wash cold.

-Measurements are approximate and may deviate 1'' due to variances in the garment dye process

Creating dye from scratch is an extremely dedicated and physical process, which is why these colors are more expensive than our year-round garment dye colors. Learn more about working with plants, and the complexities behind natural dye on our blog!

-This item is final sale and cannot be returned
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Ariel is an EVERYBODY.WORLD staff member who's been with us since Day 1, and the fiance of fellow contributor, Jerico Mandybur.

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They're the wearer of more work hats than we can count, and the beautiful mind behind our Everyday Shorts! As with all contributors, they'll receive 10% of the sales of their designs.

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Ari's been wearing shorts since forever, but they were always either too short or too long, never quite the EASY BREEZY deep-pocketed jersey shorts of their dreams.

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100% Recycled Cotton, 100% responsibly made in Los Angeles, 100% enjoyable.

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The pattern is fit into the cutting markers from our Trash Tee, so there's no waste.

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Also available in adult sizes in limited-edition 100% Natural Dye colors and year-round favorites Washed Charcoal and Scour, which is raw and unbleached.

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It's a repeatable summer uniform you'll want to play in year-round.