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Leticia is a young-hearted 82 year-old who loves to dress up for every outing. She’s bright, witty and compassionate, and the extroverted grandmother to our very own photographer, Sydney Yatco! The two have a close bond and catch up every month, most recently so Syd could document her glitz and glam for EVERYBODY.WORLD.

Leticia wears Mae & Kalen's JAS Mockneck Trash Tee

“She has a huge heart and was the most compassionate person I knew growing up,” Syd says. “She likes to genuinely ask how you’re doing and keep up to date with all the gossip you might have. She’s very smart and wise. She was a CPA in the Philippines and did my family’s taxes for a very long time. Leticia is the rock of our family.”

Leticia wears Boxier Trash Tee

Syd even has her grandma’s wedding portrait tattooed on her arm with her maiden name “Luz” under it, which in English means light. “She fully embodies what it means to be a strong woman with the biggest heart. She’s not just my grandma, she’s also my friend and I find that to be rare with your elders. And for that, I wanted to commemorate her forever.”

Leticia's wedding portrait and Syd's tattoo of it