Calzuro Classic Clogs


Our preferred shoe, the Calzuro Classic Clog, is lightweight but heavy duty, and well equipped with a no-slip sole and arch support.

Comfort comes from the slight heel, ergonomically designed to maintain perfect posture and reduce fatigue, with massaging bumps for circulation of blood flow. 

Add a custom EVERYBODY.WORLD Comfort Insole, made from scrap materials to limit waste.

-100% made in Italy
-Eco-friendly and recyclable; when disposed of they are non-toxic for people and the environment
-Waterproof and breathable

Made in Italy and originally created for surgeons, Calzuros have been around since the early ’80s cultivating a solid and varied fan base across all sorts of people and professions.

-Machine washable
-Uniquely sterilizable in the Sterile Processing Department's autoclave

-Calzuros are medium width for all sizes
-Use the Calzuro size conversion table to help find the best size for you
Italian Size US Women's US Men's
36 - 377 - 85 - 6
37 - 388 - 8.56 - 6.5
38 - 398.5 - 9.56.5 - 7.5
39 - 40 9.5 - 10 7.5 - 8
40 - 4110 - 118 - 9
42 - 4311.5 - 12.59.5 - 10.5
44 - 4513 - 14.511 - 12.5

-We offer 30 day returns on this item
-Shoes must be like-new condition, unworn and undamaged
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Introducing the Calzuro Classic Clog.

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Lightweight but heavy duty, and well equipped with a no-slip sole and arch support.

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Available in White, Brown and Metallic Blue to pair with our Trash Collection.

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These unisex shoes are ergonomically designed to maintain perfect posture and reduce fatigue, with massaging bumps for circulation of blood flow.

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They're also waterproof, breathable, eco-friendly and recyclable.

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For extra padding, add our washable Comfort Insoles to your order, each set is hand sewn from layers of waste fabric.