Jean Pigozzi "Hungry Snake" Pillow


Weighing in at almost 10lbs, this limited edition pillow is impractical, absurd and looks great in almost any setting.

Shaped like a snake digesting a house, its surreal-y fabulous body stretches 8-ft in length (not including it’s 10” red tongue), making it ideal for intertwining your limbs around when watching TV, taking a nap, or eating Chinese food.

Each fabric is a nod to Jean's impressive contemporary African art collection (said to be the largest in the world). No more than two pillows are made per print, and each comes with hand-embroidered cotton “Xs” for eyes, color chosen to complement the textile.

Use code UNSTUFFED at checkout for $70 off your order, and your pillow will be shipped flat so you can fill it at home.

Designer: Jean Pigozzi

Jean is a philanthropist, photographer, and a man that seems to have it all. Inspired by Le Petit Prince, this ridiculously large pillow is a crude iPad drawing come to life. Everyone has something that’s missing from their lives. 


-Each pillow is made to order, we'll ship out from Los Angeles in 14-21 business days
-Handmade in South Los Angeles by John
-Made from West African wax print textiles
-Made to order
-Email us at to discuss fabric options and availability

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    Introducing, Jean Pigozzi!

    A philanthropist, photographer, and the 'Undisputed King of the Celebrity Selfie' according to Vanity Fair.

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    In fact, Jean's been pointing the camera back at himself with icons like Rod Stewart, Dame Edna, and Sylvester Stallone, since 1973.

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    For the EVERYBODY.WORLD Contributor Collection, he's designed a Hungry Snake Pillow.

    The shape is a masterpiece suitable for his 6-ft-4 frame, weighing in at almost 10lbs this ridiculously large pillow is impractical, absurd and looks great in almost any setting.

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    Inspired by 'Le Petit Prince' it's shaped like a boa constrictor digesting a house with a dense, squishy body that stretches 8-ft in length, not including it's 10 inch red tongue.

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    Surreal-ly Fabulous

    Jean's a man that seems to have it all. That includes multiple homes designed by Ettore Sottsass, waterproof notepads in all of his showers, and a small, biodiverse island in Panama. But everyone has something missing from their life.
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    According to Jean, The Hungry Snake Pillow is very versatile. 'It can be used for watching TV, reading your iPad, having a little nap, for sex, or eating Chinese food, but it cannot be used as a Yoga mat,' he says.
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    West African Wax Textiles

    The slightly-waxy outer shell is made from 100% cotton that's woven and printed in West Africa then brought to Los Angeles. The fabric is a nod to Jean's impressive contemporary African art collection (said to be the largest in the world). Each pillow is handmade and stuffed to order in South Los Angeles.
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    Next up? Pajamas!

    Jean's been buying XXXL sized shirts from Brooks Brothers for about 100 years and he's grown tired of stripes and checks. He wants something new, and who are we to stand in his way? The long and loose-fit garment is functional and pleasurable in equal measures. Available in unisex sizes XXS through 'size Jean' (2XL-and-a-half), this breezy nightshirt is designed to take you from bed to the beach and back again.
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    Join the waitlist, Jean Pigozzi's Pajamas are coming soon!