Jean Pigozzi "Hungry Snake" Pillow


Weighing in at almost 10lbs, this limited edition pillow is impractical, absurd and looks great in almost any setting.

Shaped like a snake digesting a house, its surreal-y fabulous body stretches 8-ft in length (not including it’s 10” red tongue), making it ideal for intertwining your limbs around when watching TV, taking a nap, or eating Chinese food.

Each fabric is a nod to Jean's impressive contemporary African art collection (said to be the largest in the world). No more than two pillows are made per print, and each comes with hand-embroidered cotton “Xs” for eyes, color chosen to complement the textile.

Use code UNSTUFFED at checkout for $70 off your order, and your pillow will be shipped flat so you can fill it at home.

Designer: Jean Pigozzi

Jean is a philanthropist, photographer, and a man that seems to have it all. Inspired by Le Petit Prince, this ridiculously large pillow is a crude iPad drawing come to life. Everyone has something that’s missing from their lives. 


-Each pillow is made to order, we'll ship out from Los Angeles in 14-21 business days
-Handmade in South Los Angeles by John
-Made from West African wax print textiles
-Made to order
-Email us at to discuss fabric options and availability