Mae & Kalen's JAS Mockneck Trash Tee


Just like it's Classic counterpart, the JAS (pronounced Jazz, named after Jerome “Jerry” Allen Seinfeld) is unisex and errs on the side of easy when it comes to fit, this time with a mock neck collar and long sleeves.  

The 100% Recycled Cotton jersey is made entirely from manufacturing waste—the first of its kind on planet Earth. 

Coming this Fall, join the waitlist to be the first to know! 

Designers: Mae Elvis Kaufman & Kalen Hollomon

Mae & Kalen are a couple of artists that are also a couple. In their work, each explores perspectives on image and culture. While Kalen synthesizes the world around him in the form of collage and painting, Mae turns the lens on herself as she assumes the lives of various peculiar characters. Both artists give us a glimpse of their inner wit, wisdom, insecurities and aesthetic values.

Like all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Mae & Kalen receive 10% of the sales of their designs.

-18/1 recycled cotton jersey (the first of its kind) 
-Responsibly made in South Los Angeles
-Garment dyed after it’s sewn
-Preshrunk and ready to wear
-Wash with like colors

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EVERYBODY.WORLD by Mae Elvis Kaufman & Kalen Hollomon

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The intersection of human perception

Kalen's mixed media works explore ideas around commerce, fashion, gender identity and taboo. His unorthodox combinations of subject and object collide to create everyday moments, punctuated with realism and romance. 'I guess I'm interested in mixing opposing ideas, that’s why I've been liking collage a lot,' Kalen says.
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A master of disguise

Not only is Mae a dear friend and a dazzling weirdo, she's an accomplished artist and art director whose character-driven self-portraits explore the transformational aspect of fashion. 'My creative process begins with a piece of clothing or sometimes even a color,' says Mae.
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What is the deal with Mocknecks?

For EVERYBODY.WORLD, they first designed the one thing they were both in search of: the perfect coat. Now they've brought us a Seinfeld-inspired mockneck that's cute, classic, and made from 100% Recycled Cotton. As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Mae & Kalen will receive 10% of the sales of their designs.
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Kalen describes their mid-length and multi-seasonal Griffin Mill Coat as 'a big comfortable cape of sorts.' It’s unisex, functional and so feel-good that you’ll wear it for a week straight without thinking twice. Featuring nine handy pockets that'll virtually eliminate any need for a bag in your life. Their thoughtful design also doubles as an impromptu picnic blanket, travel blanket, and most often in our lives, a security blanket—Whatever or wherever the occasion, it pairs perfectly with the JAS Mockneck Trash Tee.
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