Katerina Jebb's All Weather Dress


After wearing a beloved denim dress to death, Katerina is recreating a version of it for everybody. 

"It's like a four-wheel drive access-all-areas kind of dress," she says. "You crank it up or down. Tried and tested. You can even wear this dress to meet the Queen."

Join the waitlist, it's coming in May!

Designer: Katerina Jebb

Katerina Jebb is a British-born artist, photographer and filmmaker. Her multidisciplinary work includes video, installation, human photocopy and photomontage. In 2018, she was commissioned by New York City’s Metropolitan Museum to collaborate on their exhibition, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Katerina lives and works in Paris.

As with all EVERYBODY.WORLD contributors, Katerina will receive 10% of the sales of her designs.

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Reality rendered

Katerina uses a high resolution scanner to document objects, painstakingly rendering multiple digital files to create a faithful rendition of the original.
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Selected Works

Dividing her time between art and commerce, her work can be seen in museums, galleries, magazines and advertising campaigns. From the likes of Chanel and Celine to Dover Street Market.
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Katerina’s multidisciplinary work includes video, installation, human photocopy and photomontage.

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camera-less photography

In an interview with Purple’s Oliver Zahm, Katerina said that the scanner is ‘just a conduit, a helper, a nice little electronic medium to help me draw a picture, but it still holds energy.’
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deus ex machina

’Blonde Hairbrush’ (2007) and ‘Inside of a Wig’ (1996) were part of Katerina’s recent exhibition at Musée Réattu.
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Keep your eyes peeled, the All Weather Dress is coming soon