Liberating joy through magic and play: An interview with Jerico Mandybur

Liberating joy through magic and play: An interview with Jerico Mandybur

Jerico Mandybur is an award-winning creative coach, best-selling author, tarot wizard, and also my fiancé! They are the spiritually-powered mind behind EVERYBODY.WORLD's best-selling Apartment Pants and they've just dreamed up two new colors for us to wear, Mystery Green and Cosmic Purple.

Jerico inspires me in life, in courage, and in cultivating a magical world, so I wrote these questions to share more of them with you. 

Like true professionals, we conducted this conversation over email, sitting in the same house but different rooms, because while we both work from home we really have opposite schedules. In it, we discuss self-discovery fueled by creativity, tarot as a safe container to process emotions, and the enduring inspiration that is high school art teachers.


What three words would you use to describe yourself?

Playful, radical, scorpio.


Jerico Mandybur

Your affirmation for today?

May all beings be happy and free.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A hairdresser or an archeologist.

What would you say is your spiritual philosophy?

Formally, panentheism. Informally, nobody knows what they're doing; love is the answer to every question; be here now.


What do you think about when you’re alone?

I'm either sensorially responding to stuff that's going on around me (sights, sounds etc) or I'm deep in imagination land.


Jerico Mandybur

You spent years working as a journalist and editor. What made you decide to give that up and become a creative coach?

I love writing, but the 24/7 news cycle was a bit much. This way, I can still write and help other people with their passions too!


Your coaching niche is in liberating joy through magic and play. What is play exactly, and why do you think it can be such an important spiritual gateway? 

"Play" is any purposeless form of creativity and "magic" is spirituality! Both these terms are deeply subjective. But no matter our personal version of them, I think all forms of play are a demonstration of spirituality in that they expressive something "extra physical" about us as a species. Why else do we have these superfluous neurons that allow us to dance, and sing, and create without utility? We're magic.


What do you love about reading tarot?

It gives people permission to take themselves seriously. It's a safe container to process emotions and sort out what we want for ourselves and others.


What’s been inspiring you lately?

The birds in so-called Australia. High school art teachers.


Of which of your accomplishments are you the most proud?

Staying alive and relatively sane.


What are your favorite things to do in Sydney?

Go to the beach!


What could California learn from Australia?

A modicum of universal healthcare, minimum wage, and social security/housing.


What activities or daily rituals help get you through the week?

Meditating, watching YouTube videos, reading stuff, drinking water, supplements, walks.


Jerico Mandybur

How do you want people to feel when they wear the Apartment Pants you designed?

Like they can put them on and forget they're there, but then they look down and say "Wowow I'm so cooool AND comfortable!!"

Tell me about these two new colors!

They're called Mystery Green and Cosmic Purple! I was inspired by the deep jewel tones of amethyst and the forest. And they felt like a really 90s new age-y duo.


Lastly, you have a new book (your third!) coming out soon. When and where can we find it, and also what is it about?

You can find it all at good shops that stock tarot! Please Oracle is a pleasure and intimacy-themed oracle deck designed to be used for both divination, conversation prompts, and calls-to-action for life. And it's available for preorder now!


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