Every garment in our Trash Collection is made from US-grown, fair-wage cotton manufacturing waste and the 100% Recycled Cotton textiles are completely biodegradable. That means the fabric will naturally decompose in a few months in the right setting and releases no microplastics, which end up in our oceans and landfills for eternity, a major environmental issue for all synthetic fabrics—including any made from "recycled plastic bottles" or "discarded fishing nets."

We’ve been saying 100% Biodegradable because the textile is, but if you want to get specific (we do!), the labels and elastic waistbands on our Sweatpants, Ariel’s Everyday Shorts, Jerico’s Apartment Pants, Trash Tees, Hoodies and Crewnecks mean that those garments are actually about 96-99.5% biodegradable. It’s close—but not 100%—and we're actively working on solutions (it’s more complicated than you might think!).

Since we launched in 2016 with the pillars of Workers, Ecology, Ideas, we’ve been experimenting and learning in real time, and evolving our business practices accordingly—even if it’s harder, more expensive or inconvenient. We believe in everything we make and put a lot of time into developing clothes that are functional and pleasurable in equal measures. This year we're diving deeper into the details, which is both exciting and daunting for a small biz.

Fashion is incredibly wasteful and we’re committed to making thoughtful goods, considerate of people and the planet, and shaping a better future. If you have ideas you’d like to contribute, we’d love to hear from you!


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